Our studios are able to translate your programs into the Russian language so they can be broadcast on the CNL channel. To ensure a quick and accurate turnaround time, we need to receive transcripts of your programs, in English. Our translators then begin their work to translate a first draft. Many of these translators are young mothers working from home (often in other cities and even countries), providing them with a rewarding employment opportunity. Several more qualified translators then check the translation for any grammatical errors and accuracy. The Russian transcripts of the text are then passed to the dictors (the Russian voice of your program) who record the programs in one of our sound booths. After we download your programs through, the editing staff begins the matching process of the video file to the new Russian audio file. Once the files are matched, other editing work is done to ensure the program does not exceed 28.5 minutes and in some cases the creation of intros/outros and other clips are added when requested. When the program is finally ready for broadcast it is loaded onto our server and sent to our satellite uplink facility in Israel. This entire process requires three to four weeks to ensure quality and timely broadcast.