I am very happy that God has helped me to install a satellite dish. I receive great blessing when I watch and listen to CNL. I get spiritual support, strengthened in the faith and get answers to my questions. I’m very grateful to Maxim and Larissa, the CNL staff, and I pray for God's protection and security to be on their families and homes.
Helena Bobruseva, Odessa, Ukraine
Through CNL I have received many answers for my life and these answers came just when I needed them. Thank you very much for your support and inspiration! I believe that God works through you, and changes the destiny of many people! THANK YOU!
Elena Vergun, Lviv, Ukraine

CNL helps my grandchildren know God. Once my granddaughter Lisa, who is 4 ½ years old and doesn’t go to church, asked, "Is there anything that God cannot do?" I replied, "Yes, He cannot do evil." Then she asked "And can God throw our planet somewhere?" I replied, "No, God is good." These conversations result from my grandchildren watching children's programs on CNL. Praise God. Their mother left the church 10 years ago, and does not talk with the children about God. My granddaughter receives this knowledge through CNL. Thank you for your work.

Valentine Mitrofanov, Komsomolsk, Poltava region, Ukraine
CNL TV is a blessing in the lives of our family, bringing food for the spirit, knowledge of the truth, the gaining of knowledge, revelation! CNL really affects our lives in a positive direction.

Andrew G. Vishnevsky

Andrew G. Vishnevsky, Lutsk, Volyn region, Ukraine
Through watching CNL, I’ve learned to accept people as they are, do what is right and think right. God is transforming me and changing my relationships with people for the better. Thank God for everything.
Lyudmila Goreva, Dunaevcy Khmelnitsky region, Ukraine
I accepted salvation after watching CNL. Many thanks for your channel!
Inna Isachenko, Khabarovsk, Russia
I accepted salvation through your channel. I also received much understanding of the Bible and God through CNL! The Holy Spirit touched me and my legs stopped hurting. God is able! Thank God for you!
Elena Shestakov
For over 10 years I struggled with a severe depression, but ever since I began watching the channel CNL, the depression disappeared. I am all alone and I used to feel a heavy burden from loneliness, but God delivered me from these feelings.
Anna Kopylova, Dusseldorf, Germany
Hello to all the staff of the channel CNL . Thank you so much for the work of your wonderful channel which has helped me in many ways. It is like a drink of water to a huge thirst. I am more than confident that you help so many people, so I have a great desire to help you. It will only be a small amount (for now) but I know that a drop can collect a huge amount of water. Once again, many thanks to all those serving at CNL and especially to the creators of this wonderful channel.But the most important thing is to thank God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ for the fact that there is a TV, and that all people of the world can watch these great programs like yours.

God bless you!

I gave birth to a daughter on May 18. Her name is Laura Alice. When I was 26 weeks pregnant I was threatened with an early delivery. So I prayed and asked the CNL to also support me in prayer that God would help me reach at least 35 weeks of pregnancy. The threat remained but I believe it. On the night of 17 to 18 May I was over 35 weeks and suddenly my waters broke. Hallelujah, it was proof of our Creator’s love. My child’s birth weight was 1800 grams, but thank God she is healthy. After birth, she was immediately put into intensive care , and that evening was transferred to the children's ward, and two days later only to the monitor.

With friendly greetings,

CNL is a life saver for my daughter! She lives in France and watches your programs via the Internet! Glory to God!
Serafima Vasilyevna Dorosh, Chisinau, Moldova
One month ago, tests revealed that I have liver- hepatitis or cirrhosis. I watched the “Good News” program on CNL and received a healing. Tests are normal now.
Ludmila Makiivka
When I started watching your TV channel, I began to notice God’s Word seeping into my soul, my life. And my life, behavior, and thinking began to change for the better. I repented and took Jesus as Lord of my life and Savior.
Dmitry Vladimirovich Levchenko
I came to God through CNL TV! Thank God for this channel! I stopped drinking and have begun to look at life in a new way.
Igor, Kazakhstan
Because of prayers, particularly the prayers during a live broadcast, remarkable changes occurred in my life. My husband returned to the family and our family was restored.
Olga, Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan
I would like to testify that the Gospel has come to every home in our town. CNL is broadcast to the entire town via local television. One brother from our church has organized this. He works at the local communications center. The town’s population is 25,000. Praise the Lord!
Alex, Priozyorsk, Russia
I thank the Lord for my healing! In February I fell seriously ill. For two months I ran to different doctors but the verdict was always the same – everything was okay. My state was deteriorating; with panic attacks and fear for my life. Then I knelt, sobbing and praying to Jesus for my healing. I began to watch your channel from morning till night; to listen to the preaching and to glorify the Lord. I prayed and prayed. You know it was a miracle when I woke with joy in my soul, just singing the whole day. I was healed by Jesus’ wounds and washed by His blood! Thank you, Lord, for my wonderful healing. God’s health to you all.
Angela, Nant, France
As soon as I stumbled across the CNL channel, I began to watch it regularly and was healed of a skin condition that no medicine could help. Now I turn CNL on every morning to receive a powerful charge and rest with the channel every evening. CNL is simply a miracle!
Andrey, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
Your CNL channel helped me to repent and what is especially precious to me – at that moment of repentance a miracle happened God touched my heart, changed inside and everyone around me mentions it. And I also feel it and am very glad. Finally, the time came for what I waited for. I am 40 years old and I was born again. I am a different person; the Holy Spirit lives in me. I gave up all my sins and I cannot sin anymore. I want to please God, praise Him and keep His holiness.
Olga, Kitei-Koponioy, Greece
Every day I watch your channel and it helped me to know God, feel His presence and receive God’s blessing. I think your channel and teachings will help me to become successful in God’s Word. I am not going to church yet as I have a 2-month-old baby but I am watching CNL and learn a lot of helpful edifying things. Thank you for being there.
Lola, London
I am not a believer. I don’t believe in anyone. I saw a dream that Jesus invites me. What should I do to become a Christian? Please help me. Jesus is not leaving my mind. I more and more desire to come close to Jesus. Help me.
Masdad city, Iran
By the mercy of God, we have been watching CNL programs since the channel began broadcasting in Svetlyi city. The channel was disconnected but we prayed zealously, convinced the cable provider to broadcast and the Lord granted the desire of our hearts. Glory to God! In our home church meetings we constantly review the CNL programs. For me and my brothers and sisters in Christ, CNL give us a high level of spiritual training. Thanks to all the preachers on your channel.
Alla, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Thank you for CNL. I watch it mostly in Kuwait as my husband works there. I have learned much from your programs; especially in my marriage.
Nashiba, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Through the CNL channel I am being fed by the Word of God, since my husband doesn’t allow me to attend church and I can only watch CNL when he is not at home. I am Turkmenian and accepted Jesus as my savior 3 ½ years ago. I feel that I am a fruitless Christian – a tree that doesn’t bear fruit. Earlier my husband sometimes allowed me to go to church but lately he won’t allow me at all to be in the church and in ministry to the Lord. This makes me so tired. Now I have the closest source of encouragement – the CNL channel. It inspires me and encourages me and makes me feel that I am not alone, that I have brothers and sisters who will pray for my problems. Thank you for your love! I began watching CNL in May 2005 and I watched and heard so many incredible stories that demonstrate God directing us according to His will. Many thanks to the CNL staff and to Maxim Maximov, for this channel.
I bought a satellite dish 2 years ago. You cannot imagine what you channel means to me even though I do have a lot of spiritual literature. I give much thanks to God for all of you. Thanks to all you CNL workers for your faithfulness, obedience and work for God’s glory. I pray for you and your ministry. This channel is a jewel. May the Lord bless you all and your families and many He fulfill all your desires in Him.
Yuliya, Algeriya
I am a Belorussian woman from Bahrain, which is located near Saudi Arabia. I committed my life to Christ while watching the CNL TV channel three years ago. Now we have a group of Russian speakers who watch CNL. It is a great blessing for us.