Russian and Ukrainian language television: Four channels – 24/7, worldwide coverage through internet streaming and video downloads.


The vision of CNL ministry is to provide spiritually uplifting programs, with life’s answers to all Russian and Ukrainian speakers wherever they may be. Hunger is not restricted to scheduled meal times; rather hunger is at any time and needs an immediate response.

CNL is excited that both the Russian language and the Ukrainian language channel are available through internet streaming. We all know that the new generation is computer literate, and internet is the major means of information sharing. This is no different for Russia and the former Soviet Republics – perhaps more so. Their hunger for unbiased news, and free access to previously forbidden knowledge has provided a surge of computer sales and internet access in the past decade. CNL seeks to meet that hunger and thirst.

To provide even easier access to popular and high demand programs, CNL has established a large video server where we store hundreds of programs. At any time, our viewers can download a program to watch on demand, share with their church home groups, or as gifts to family members and friends – perhaps the best tangible gift they’ll ever receive.

In the United States and Canada, CNL is launching a new stream in January 2020 that where the program lineup will be based on CST.