Q: Are these satellites popular among Russian speaking peoples?

A: Yes. Our flagship channel on the Hotbird satellite is managed by the Eutelsat company. Eutelsat claims that the HotBird satellite’s potential audience consists of more than 60 million homes. Most Russian channels broadcasting to Russian speakers in Eastern and Western Europe are on this satellite.

Q: Is there an ongoing effort to increase the audience on CNL?

A: Yes. The CNL team is working hard to expand the influence of CNL. We are cooperating with cable networks, as they rebroadcast CNL. We are also promoting the channel in churches, through conferences, pastor’s meetings and other communication with believers. The results of this is a growing popularity of CNL not only among the satellite's audience but on cable networks too. Currently over 300 cable stations have agreed to carry CNL.

Q: In what countries is the CNL signal received?

A: CNL is now broadcasts on two satellites covering all of Europe, Siberia, North Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia. Additionally, CNL is available through cable, and worldwide through internet based apps. Please refer to the maps on previous pages to see each satellite’s footprint.

Q: In what language does CNL broadcast? We have programs in English. Can you broadcast them on CNL?

A: All programs can be translated and broadcast in Russian and Ukrainian. We welcome programs in other languages but these programs must first be translated. If you have programs in English that you wish to broadcast, our studio can facilitate professional translation into Russian or Ukrainian.

Q: How much does it cost to broadcast on CNL?

A: Please, send your inquiry to [email protected] or phone us in the USA 1 (888) FIND-CNL and we can discuss the cost of broadcasting on CNL. Our staff will be happy to answer your questions.

Q: How much will it cost for a person to view CNL monthly?

A: Nothing. CNL is an non-encrypted, free to air channel, which means that if a person owns a satellite dish that is pointed to the satellite, they pay no monthly fee to receive CNL.