Maxim and Larissa Maximov

Ever since I was a young man growing up under the communist rule of the Soviet Union, I knew God had his hand on my life. During the awakening years at the close of the 1980s, many in our Pentecostal churches began immigrating to the USA. God clearly told me to stay in Kazakhstan and plant churches throughout the nation. God used the New Life Bible Centre to establish a vibrant Full Gospel church ministry, Bible School, and over 90 daughter churches.

With a renewed call to evangelism in 1990, God spoke to us about video and television. This was an incredible step of faith, but with God’s abundant blessing, New Life Channel was launched on the first cable network in December 2000. In July 2002, CNL began broadcasting on satellite reaching 74 countries.

The response to this first Christian channel in the Russian language was overwhelming and many Russian cable networks approached us to allow the channel on their network.

"Quickly the number of cable stations carrying CNL grew, where at the close of 2017, CNL is carried on over 300 cable networks from Ukraine to Germany. Recently God has used the ministry of CNL to unite churches in Central Asia and in Germany, where many pastors, and several thousand people have gathered for national and regional conferences. More conferences are planned in the nations of the former Soviet Union. Testimonies flow into our offices throughout the world, on how God is touching families, and changing lives. With millions of Russians now living across the globe, the message of love, hope, and salvation through Jesus Christ can reach into their homes in 115 countries, from Central Asia to the United States of America."

In the last few years, religious persecution (including prison sentences, confiscation of property and banning of any ministry) in Russia and Kazakhstan has meant that my family and I have had to relocate to the USA and our main studio in Kazakhstan has moved to Ukraine.

I invite you to partner with us in bringing the Gospel to all the Russian-speaking people groups from various faiths. You can do this either through prayer, finance, or through acquiring airtime on the channel.

May God bless you, that you may be a blessing,
Until all have heard

Pastor Maxim & Larissa Maximov