1. A great door into the Middle East, Central Asia, Europe and the former Soviet Union has opened. The CNL Satellite signal covers all these countries directly and relayed to over 300 Cable networks. We broadcast on HOT BIRD™, one of the most popular signals for these regions.

2. CNL does not just broadcast but coordinates the distribution of low cost dishes in various countries. This is why we are the fastest growing network in the former Soviet Union. Currently on over 300 different cable networks with over 8 million subscribers, CNL is expanding its audience on a daily basis.

3. We are the very first Christian Television Network in the Russian Language. CNL was first to target Russian-speaking people in Central Asia and Europe. The response has been incredible. It's working!

4. CNL offers a bigger audience for your program. Our well trained and knowledgeable staff will translate your program into Russian and Ukrainian. Now your audience has doubled and your message has maintained its original impact.

5. We keep our broadcasting and translation costs low.

6. Many global events point to these being the last days. We can get you into Russia, Central Asia, and the Middle East, through CNL. This is your time!

7. We are near you. We have offices in the USA, Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, and Germany; we serve our broadcasters and their needs. We are happy to provide you with translation of your programs through voiceover dubbing.