Stand in prayer with us

Much can be achieved when we come to God in prayer. Can you stand with us and join your prayers to ours as we intercede for the Russian and Ukrainian speaking peoples in the former Soviet Republics and throughout the world.

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Do you have a heart for the spiritually hungry?

Russian speakers include Orthodox, Muslim, and animists. All acknowledge that there is a spiritual force in the earth. Who will teach them, and show them the way to the savior of mankind?


CNL helps my grandchildren know God. Once my granddaughter Lisa, who is 4 ½ years old and doesn’t go to church, asked, "Is there anything that God cannot do?" I replied, "Yes, He cannot do evil." Then she asked "And can God throw our planet somewhere?" I replied, "No, God is good." These conversations result from my grandchildren watching children's programs on CNL. Praise God. Their mother left the church 10 years ago, and does not talk with the children about God. My granddaughter receives this knowledge through CNL. Thank you for your work.

Valentine Mitrofanov
Komsomolsk, Poltava region.