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Beyond the Horizon – with Viktor Koroteev and Valentina Podrez. These programs seek to expand vision and present horizons that previously seemed out of reach; learning to trust God and see His signature in simple and everyday life situations. Just like an eagle is created to fly, we are also created to soar in God’s presence and His will.

By the Stream – with Leonid Mironyuk. Sunday church based preaching program.

End Times - with Yuriy Konovalov. Sunday church based preaching program.

For Good News – with Bogdan Demborinsky. Sunday church based preaching program.

Harvest – with Rostislav Radchuk, broadcasts his revival outreach meetings in Ukraine and around the world, with many people receiving salvation, healing, peace, deliverance from sin, and changed lives.

Helping Hand - with Manuel Morales. Sunday church based preaching program.

House of Living Stories – with Emmanuel Studios. This program details the lives of people who have lived through tough dramatic events but who found a way out. The common thread in all these stories is the testimony of God’s miraculous manifestation of power. Experience charming hosts, interesting studio guests and inspiring stories all on the House of Living Stories.

I Praise Your Name – with Rostislav Kazimirets presents an orchestra ministering in hymns and contemporary worship songs.

Intersection; Change Your Life – a preaching program with Dmitry Shatrov

Light Under the Lamp – with Maxim Maximov. This is an open discussion on controversial and even provocative issues. The ministers featured on this program discuss their views on a range of current issues and try to come to a conclusion, bringing God’s light into various “shadow” areas of the Christian life.

Living Stream Church – with Vitaliy Bondarenko. Sunday church based preaching program.

A Time for Harvest – with Anatoliy Moklyak. Sunday church based preaching program.

Voice of Victory – with Henry Madava. Sunday church based preaching program.