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In March 2005 fire broke out in one of CNL TV's buildings. Everything was destroyed in the fire, leaving only bare burnt walls. Video footage of the fire was broadcast on CNL. Many people from all over the world responded, wanting to help. Thus began CNL partnership. "After the fire we felt resentment in our hearts and questioned why it happened", recalls CNL's founder Maxim Maximov. "I was walking through the ashes in search of an answer and I didn't have to wait long... God began turning everything for good. Our viewers ceased to be just an audience and consumers and instead many of them made the decision to become our partners and participate in God's work".

Today thousands of people from all over the world take part in the life of CNL. They support the broadcasting to the best of their financial abilities and pray for CNL acting as media partners. However, CNL still needs new friends and partners as the network grows. In the future the channel hopes to not only expand its broadcasting footprint but also to implement numerous projects such as launching, Kids TV, TV preacher and an animation studio. Even though we have achieved so much in the last 10 years, there is much work still to do. Our new studio was completed four years ago and is now able to function at its full capacity in producing programs. However, we still have the high cost of broadcasting via satellite which is very expensive.

Recent persecution: Early in the morning of Good Friday this year, CNL TV and the New Life Church in Almaty, were visited by a large group of local police who arrived with an order to search the property. Simultaneously, police officers arrived at the homes of 5 of the church leaders (including Pastor Maximov’s home) and they proceeded to confiscate all computers they found along with any cash. The ministry has been wrongly accused of misappropriating the congregation’s money and false reports made of a large cache of weapons found – also untrue. Within minutes the main TV station began reporting that the church was a cult and guilty of many crimes (though they can produce no evidence of this). Fifty three computers were confiscated and have not been returned. As a result CNL has had to send some staff home until such time as new computers can be purchased and funds available to pay staff. CNL TV would gratefully receive any donations to help with this.

CNL is more than a TV channel. It is a worldwide service. People from all over the world and from different countries and continents not only watch Christian programs through CNL but they communicate with us. During difficult times and when they have problems, when on the verge of frustration or despair, they call or write to the TV offices seeking prayer support, asking for spiritual help, receiving answers to their questions and sharing testimonies of God working in their lives through CNL. During his ministry trips and at meetings with both viewers and partners, Maxim Maximov, CNL founder and president, endeavors to pray for everyone, connecting face-to- face and giving advice and encouragement. In this way CNL is not only a TV service but also a ministry of helps, spiritual healing and deliverance.

Renowned minister Denis Podorozhny has said, "It is not often that we witness such a large-scale work of God! What is significant about CNL TV is that it was born out of the heart of one man, and has today become truly popular for Christians; uniting broadcasters and viewers, pastors and congregations, employees and partners. This global interaction along with the cooperation of such a diverse group of Christian workers allows us to see, at least in a small way, what the Lord is doing through His people today".

The CNL TV Christian channel is a unique platform for the Gospel message and is spreading to all the corners of the earth; touching millions of people at the same time. CNL continues to move to new heights, while maintaining the vision and dream to bring Christ to every home and every heart. Such a dream requires a lot of energy, abundant funds, endless feedback, sacrifice, understanding and unity.

CNL founder Maxim Maximov, the team, partners and broadcasters of the channel pursue a shared dream - that all people living without God would encounter Him and that existing believers would be strengthened in their faith and relationship with God. The vision is great and we can only reach it together.