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Today, CNL is the largest Christian Russian and Ukrainian Television Network. It is now broadcast from three satellites transmitted to over three hundred cable networks, covering the entire Northern hemisphere reaching audiences of millions. Since 2015 CNL has worldwide coverage through Internet streaming including multiple APPs such as ROKU, FireTV (Amazon), Google, and Android devices.

CNL seeks to offer a wide variety of programs with Christian doctrine being taught both in the form of sermons as well as entertainment and documentaries. For example, cooking programs concluding with a short exhortation of Biblical truth are aired on CNL. People of all ages and social status will find programs to suit their taste: children's, youth, music, serious and lighthearted debate and everyday conversation. CNL viewers get to meet interesting people, learn about Bible history and receive answers to their questions. The programs address different aspects of the Christian life; personal character, relationships between the Christian and society, family relationships, and child-rearing. They discuss how to live in wholeness and help viewers better understand both God and themselves. CNL offers viewers a wide range of programs from scientific to evangelistic, educational to musical, news articles and children's programs. Most broadcasters and program producers are well-renowned international preachers, teachers, evangelists and spiritual leaders. From their TV screens viewers are able to watch such well known ministries as Joyce Meyer, Rick and Denise Renner, Maxim and Larisa Maximov, John Bevere, Henry Madava, Cindy Jacobs and many more share God’s Word. CNL welcomes partnership with anyone producing interesting programs.

CNL TV also has its own CNLNEWS agency through which viewers are kept up to date with the latest interesting events throughout the Christian world; with news originating from many different countries. At CNL’s studio, programs are created, feature films and animated cartoons are scored and voice-over dubbing services are provided. CNL TV operates offices in USA, Ukraine, Russia, The Baltic States and Germany.

Rupor TV is a unique channel launched in 2008, under CNL TV’s umbrella. Rupor TV makes it possible for anyone to begin broadcasting their programs, with Christian content, through online satellite TV. Ten minutes of broadcasting is provided free of charge. This is a completely new form and content of television created by our viewers, making it possible for every church creative team or person to broadcast on a Christian channel.

The ZOOM video school began in 2007 making it possible for people from many different countries to study basic television skills. The course runs for two months and is applicable to both novices and experienced videographers. On completion of the ZOOM course participants will be able to create their own short film, program of interest and news stories. ZOOM school graduate's work is already broadcast on CNL and Rupor TV. Trips and missions are organized to different local churches for ministers and staff.

In this day and age of high-speed Internet and mobile connection, CNL keeps up with the times. Online Internet streaming began in 2007 and already it is no longer just a novelty. Rather, it is a great blessing for many Russian-speaking people, who are not able to watch CNL through satellite or cable networks. Today, even Russian speakers from Australia, Korea, India, China, some African countries, Turkey and Cyprus are using the Internet to watch CNL's Christian Channel. Many of these people are living far away from their historically native land and they don't have the opportunity to be a part of a Christian community. For them, CNL is the one and only connection with the wider Christian world.

These days, CNL's popularity is growing on the social networks with the number of followers on Vkontakte and Facebook increasing daily. Through this medium, viewers can comment, have conversation, ask questions and receive answers. Many of CNL’s videos and programs such as Maxim Maximov’s program "The Light Under the Lamp" and "Maximum with Maxim" are spreading widely, and gaining popularity now they are available on YouTube and other medium.

Numerous viewers and Internet users are taking advantage of the opportunity to download free programs that interest them from CNL's video archive located on the website ARHIV.TV. Recently CNL has introduced its new iPhone, iPad and iPod touch “app” enabling all those with these devices the opportunity to watch Christian news and their favorite programs and preachers. Accessing the archives, viewers can repeatedly watch their favorite programs. Christian television is making every effort to keep up with technological development and is choosing to use all possible mediums so even more can hear the message of the Gospel.