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Marina and her mother, Tamara, live in Novokuznetsk and have been Christians since 1997. Since Marina was born with Cerebral Palsy every movement for her is very difficult. God and His Word are the mainstays in her life as she grows up with such disabilities. From the moment God came into her life everything changed completely and she loves Him with all her heart. Marina and Tamara Sergeyevna attend an Evangelical Christian Church but they receive a lot of spiritual input from watching the Christian Satellite Channel CNL via Internet streaming. Marina is very grateful to God that she can pray for other people, something she considers this her ministry and she has prayed for people, cities and countries for many years. The desire to serve God is becoming stronger and stronger. CNL's programs help Marina and Tamara become confident in their faith, as they receive the inspired Word of God from many anointed, well respected people of God; establishing the importance of obeying God and creating a desire to live a clean and holy life. They learn how to live in close relationship with God and not to compromise through sin. Through the preaching on CNL, God has cleansed their hearts and brought them closer to Him. Marina dreams that one day she will be raised up, be able to run, proclaim God’s truth, and testify about Christ and His great salvation, deeds and works! The programs broadcast through the ministry of CNL help build her faith to believe that one day this miracle will come true.

CNL first began broadcasting via Satellite on 15th July, 2002. the day regarded as the beginning of CNL - the first Russian Christian Satellite TV channel. CNL began as part of Pastor Maxim Maximov's ministry in Almaty, Kazakhstan. In the post-Soviet era of the early nineties, there were no fully Russian Christian Broadcasts. A few Christian programs, translated into Russian, were broadcast on secular channels during the early morning hours. Maxim Maximov, with a strong love for God and people, and having a great desire to share the gospel message, heard an exhortation to begin Christian television. Knowing absolutely nothing about television and satellite television in particular, he was praying, searching and gathering information little by little. Despite having no financial support at that time and with the first few partners being members of the New Life Church in Almaty, he obeyed God's will and began CNL TV. The previous two years (2000-2002) there had been some broadcasting by CNL on the city's cable network. But as funds were insufficient, CNL's satellite television launching was postponed several times. At last, the day arrived and CNL took flight.

Initially, in 2002, the TV-channel was broadcast from the Hotbird satellite, accessible only to those living in West and Eastern Europe including most of Central Asia. Three years later, on 1st June, 2005 CNL expanded its broadcasting territory to include the USA, through the Intelsat Americas-5 (Galaxy-25) satellite, making a strategic move in the development of Christian TV and addressing in part the spiritual hunger of the American Russian people. A year later, in 2006, CNL moved to Siberia, broadcasting from the Yamal-201 satellite making it possible for the people of Siberia, the Far East, Kamchatka and all of Central Asia to watch Christian TV.