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4 Satellites, more than 400 cable networks for your ministry

Maxim Maximov
Founder of the CNL tv network

888 346 3265

Do you have message from God? 

The Russian people have known in the existence of God for over one thousand years. 70 years of communism did not erase their belief, but did rob millions from a personal relationship with Christ Jesus.

Do you have heart for the spiritually hungry? 

Russian speakers include Orthodox, Muslim, and animists. All acknowledge that there is a spiritual force in the earth. Who will teach them, and show them the way to the savior of mankind?

Are you free to travel through 115 countries? 

You don't need to. CNL exists to translate into Russian and broadcast the message God has entrusted in you. For as little as $440/week, your program can cover the northern hemisphere satisfying the spiritual hunger of millions of families that for decades were denied access to the truth of the Gospel.